Trading Setup With Sony Trinitron Multiple Monitors

A reader, Jake emailed me, and noticed I still use CRTs in my multiple monitors trading system. He asked why I haven’t upgraded to the delicious Flat Panel LCDs, commonly seen on current trading platforms with 3, 4, 5, or more, multiple monitors. I gotta say, if it ain’t broke… don’t try and fix it. After the years I’ve been trading, these Dell Sony Trinitrons have been the easiest monitors on my eyes. The 3 monitors on my right are controlled by a separate video card each. The 2 monitors on my left, a separate video card for each monitor also. This was the easiest way to setup the multiple monitor system at the time I did it. Now they have those nifty multiple monitor stands where each lcd is set in different configurations in the stand. Sure. They look sweet. A pair of dual Apple computer cinema displays would look rockin in a multi monitor setup, but this still works. I have thought about some 21″ monitors though. These are 19 inches. The extra screen real estate would be handy.


It’s about time I upgraded my towers though. Having the proper trading tools and equipment is crucial. I’ve noticed my computers are starting to show their age.  Any suggestions?

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  1. Look into a software called synergy. You will be able to use multiple Computers with one mouse and key board. Best of all, Its free

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