Making Money In the Stock Market | Mooch or Contributor

Its Friday, and I just finished another week working at (mooching) making money in the stock market. I just read Steve Pavlina’s insightfully verbose post about the two strategies for making money in the world. You either 1. Contribute, or 2. Mooch. It’s an interesting concept to rationalize, and one that I’ve contemplated myself.

Steve writes, ‘Unless you’ve somehow opted out of the monetary system, you’re using one or both of these two strategies right now. One strategy will likely be dominant in your life — either you’re creating genuine social value and being paid for it, or you’re mooching off the value created by others.’

When trading stocks, the main objective is making money. I’m a moocher. I admit it. Is this wrong though? Are all stock traders moochers?

I think not. My making money in the stock market, contributes to the store I buy my caviar from. It allows the salesman, I purchased my new Porsche 911 Turbo from, to earn a nice commission. It allows the man who cleans my pool to earn a living and support his family.

Yes. I’m a contributor. I’ve found a way to ‘contribute social value while achieving alignment’ with my personal values. The more money traders make in the stock market, the more they can contribute to society.

Steve sums up his post by pointing out the beliefs that can align your thinking about making money, and making a contribution. Interesting points to ponder for the weekend.

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