Passion: a strong or extravagant fondness, enthusiasm, or desire for anything

Most people have a passion. It doesn’t matter what that may be. It matters if they pursue it or not.

Last night, on The BigIdea with Donny Deutsch, they had guests on who pursued the passions they loved. One man went from working at NASA, to designing video games. Another quit a high paying job as a corporate lawyer. He now builds lego strutures for a living, and has become quite successful (some of his pieces are shown in museums). On my blog, I discuss my passion for online stock trading. John Chow is another blogger who muses about his passion for technology, fine dining, cars, and investing. The common thread between us, is that we are in pursuit of what we enjoy. We follow our passions.

Take John’s blog for instance. He doesn’t talk about topics that bore him. He muses about subjects that excite him. He says, “I never started John Chow dot Com to make money. This was just a place for me to post my miscellaneous ramblings about whatever was on my mind. While I cover a number of topics, from cars to fine dining, the main focus of this blog is about making money on the Internet.” Has John made any money?

With jests about playing with his food, to discussing maximizing your RRSP, John pulled in over $7000 with his blog for the month of February. In September, his income for the blog was $352.94. That’s what I call growth! Now it helps that John is the mastermind behind the popular computer hardware review site, The Tech Zone. That brings us back to passion though. John took his passion for technology, and turned it into a business he could enjoy and live off of. He’s now doing the same thing with his addictive blog. Is it luck, or is it seizing opportunity when it strikes?

Are you following your passion?

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