QID Trading for 022108

I made an incorrect choice holding QID overnight. The ETF gapped down as the Nasdaq gapped up. I set a stop on 1/2 below the first 5-minute low. My disaster plan calls for selling the second 1/2 under the higher of the 5 or 30-minute low. In this case my position held.

I should have waited for the great entry on the 5-minute chart to trade QID. You can see the gap down followed by the first reversal up. QID then pulls back with three candlesticks, and triggers that buy signal on the fourth. R is less than .20 if the pivot low is used for trade protection… and just .10 if the previous candlestick low is the stop.


Note where that little rally stalled; at the 200 ma. See how it bounced off the 200ma later in the day.

I had a good gut feeling QID would continue higher if that trendline was retaken on the 60-minute chart. Bullish QID traders had enough buying power to trade back above a trendline that had held since December 26 (it stretches back to that date). They were in control.


Where does that leave us on the daily charts? One day closer to a breakout that should trade in a trend for a while. The last three days have been fade the gap opens. I sold QID with a profit, and mounted MZZ using the 5-minute chart, on a bounce off the 200ma near 61.7. We’ll see if holding the trade overnight pays off. Or will we gap opposite again!


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