I’ve been asked by David at to give a sponsored review of his web site: A community for traders serious about learning. is hosted by David Waring, and contains free courses on trading, a discussion forum, and daily updates from various financial bloggers around the net.

I first checked out the free courses area, and was pretty impressed.  David’s included well-rounded reviews on the subjects of the basics of trading, technical analysis, fundamental analysis, stock trading, Forex trading, futures and options trading, and trading software.  The course catalog contains written as well as video information.  There are plenty of charts and examples of technical patterns to get any beginner started, or help a veteran brush up on their skills.  I definitely plan on checking out more of this section later.

David’s got some great ideas in his forum, which looks to be very community oriented.  I like the section “review my strategy”, where if you’ve got a strategy you want feedback on, you can post it and get reviews from other members of

There’s plenty of brand new information and videos updated on the front page regularly.  Again I really like the use of video here.

I definitely recommend checking out  I know I’ll be back to visit the free courses section, and check out what’s being said in the discussion forum.

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