Stock Trading Risk

Online Stock Trading and MrMike want to remind it’s readers that trading in the stock market involves risk. The opinions given on this website are my opinions alone. This is not expert opinion, nor am I giving professional advice.  Any ideas or opinions implied or expressed on this site are for informational purposes only.  No information provided here should be considered as a recommendation to trade, invest, or speculate in the markets.  You take responsibility for any action you make financial or otherwise.
Getting an education before entering the market, and having a well defined trading plan and money management system, should be the top priority before attempting to trade in any market.

With that said, here’s a great shot by wallyg of the NYSE. National Register #78001877.

‘The New York Stock Exchange, virtually synonymous with “Wall Street,” is the headquarters of the nation’s largest securities market. It began in 1792 under a buttonwood treee, and, after a number of temporary locations, moved into the first section of its present building early in the 20th century. Designed by architect George Post, the Exchange is fronted by an imposing Corinthian portico on a high podium, a fitting architectural symbol for the ultimate “Temple of Finance.”‘


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